Events for Muslim Professionals

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What is Peerit?

Peerit is an event based Muslim Professional community app that allows like-minded individuals to connect and support their community. It is intended to create a friendly, welcoming and cooperative environment among Muslim Professionals. Peerit is a great way to network through events in your profession, meet people, find community events nearby, make lifelong friends and expand your social horizons.

About Us

  • We have a dream to bring all Muslims together in one platform and show the world the growing solidarity of Muslims in United States. Our purpose is to help millions of Muslims connect and satisfy their needs in the quickest and most trusting way within their own community.

  • Peerit consists of a diverse, dedicated and caring group of individuals and families. Regardless of where you are from and where you are in your religious practices you are welcome! Including those who are new to Islam and just interested in the religion and the culture. Whatever you need, we ask you to start here first and find the right connection among us. We invite you all to be part of this growing online family
  • Chat with Muslim Professionals around you.
  • Meet people with similar interests.
  • Follow community events.
  • Join to different social groups.


We need your help to ensure that we continue to grow. There are many ways you can help us to spread the word;

  • Reach people around you.
  • Follow us on social media.
  • Connect us to organizations.
  • Invite your friends.

Peerit Culture

Let’s create a strong well connected community.

Connect Peers

With the help of location based application, you can meet Muslim Professionals around you. Connect to latest online users around you.

User Groups

Join user groups to meet others who has similar interests. Exchange ideas, discuss related topics and share suggestions. Help us build strong community relations.


There is so much happening in our community. Fundraising dinners, soical mixers, cultural festivals, concerts and many more. You can search and explore community events from simple place.

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