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What is Peerit?

Peerit provides peer to peer chat platform to find jobs nearby.

Chat for Jobs

The rules to find entry-level jobs have been changed. You now chat for jobs!

Meet entry-level job seekers

Peerit connects you to entry-level peers locally.

Be In The Loop

Get informed by local peers what jobs are around you.

Update Job Status

Peers update their job status to be reached by job owners.

Spread the word

Once you spread the word about your skills, you'd be surprised how much need there is for you!

Who is online

Browse the home page and see who is available for your job position.

What is Different?

  • Chat and Jobs are combined

    No need for resumé for entry-level local jobs. Just create your profile, update your status with your skills and reach jobs nearby. LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Dice are great sites to reach higher-level jobs along with a need of resumé and experience. For entry-level local jobs, you just need to chat peer to peer with the right people or small business owners who are nearby. Peerit offers an innovative way to access potential peers around you.
  • Chat with peers nearby who are looking for entry-level jobs.
  • Browse the most popular jobs.
  • Post new jobs positions for your business.
  • Discover new local jobs that only matter to you.


Local peers chat to find entry-level jobs at schools, dorms, small businesses, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops and apartment complexes. Please do not hesitate to update your skills or post any required jobs for your restaurant, bar, school, etc.

Peerit Culture

Let's combine chat and entry-level local jobs in one place.


List your job posts locally and create a new way of communication for job seekers.

Local Businesses

Small to medium business owners can reach nearby job seekers with the right talents.

Connect Peers

You deserve to reach the jobs around you instantly. Don't miss any job opportunity nearby.

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